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Real Estate Insurance

Business owners packages

Special Facilities



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Real Estate Insurance

Building Insurance

From residential multi-family houses and apartment buildings, to mixed use properties and large commercial buildings, we provide generous coverages at great premiums. For each policy, we also offer many additional products such as flood insurance, equipment breakdown insurance etc. so the package is best suited to your specific needs.

Condo Association and Co-Op Insurance

The policies created for condo associations, homeowner associations and Co-ops are specific to these types of properties. These policies include but are not limited to; sewer and drain backup insurance, Directors & Officers liability, boiler and machinery/equipment breakdown, & employee practices liability insurance

Hotels & Hospitality Insurance

In addition to typical property, liability and commercial vehicle coverages, these policies also include Innkeeper's Legal and Hotel Services Error and Omissions.

Shopping Malls Insurance

The coverages needed for a shopping mall are extensive. Speak to our experienced underwriting team and they will recommend some great products such as building ordinance insurance, water damage legal liability insurance and much more.

Premier Homeowner's package

This exclusive package available to our elite clients includes superior coverage for your real estate, personal items, liability and more. We will send our appraiser to inspect your assets so that the policy coverages are generous.

Bank owned and vacant properties

Our underwriting team will make sure to meet all the requirements to properly insure any bank owned or vacant properties.

Private Client Group

INFINITY INSURANCE understands what it takes to be successful. We manage your risk so you can focus on your life. Our unique approach and innovative thinking allows us to bring you a powerful, comprehensive personal insurance program. We have a team of highly skilled insurance professionals trained and dedicated to serving the specific needs of high net worth clients. A comprehensive range of insurance products is available including:

  • High value homeowners insurance
  • Private Fleet Auto Insurance
  • Personal Excess Liability Insurance
  • Jewelry and Art Insurance
  • Valuable Collections Insurance
  • Yacht Insurance

Additional products available:

  • Flood Insurance
  • Private Aircraft Coverage
  • Workers' Compensation for Domestic Employees


Are you an investor buying and flipping investment properties? As a risk management group we put ourselves into your shoes, we know the trouble you go thru falling out of your insurance plans while flipping and not getting the proper service you deserve because you are a short term account. Do you buy a lot of bank owned properties (for closures)? Do you have vacant buildings and unoccupied properties? So obviously you are having a lot of trouble going thru with the expectation.

Infinity Insurance has launched the new STRATEGIC INVESTORS PROGRAM, where we will insure your investments for short and long term alike. With no physical property inspections required and an online based policy, your insurance process will be a breeze.

Do you think this is too good to be true? This program will also give you the following benefits:

  • Properties can be added and removed by you online, same day!
  • No early cancellation penalties
  • Get billed per day that every property is on the master policy
  • The status of your property (I.E. Vacant, Occupied, Under reno) can be updated without falling out of the policy!
  • Will even take you under renovation!

We know that as a real estate investor, it doesn’t get any better than this! Call us today! Infinity Insurance will take care of your risk management.

Business owners packages

Eateries Insurance

We provide specialized policies for restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, bars, clubs, and any other food establishments.

Warehouse and Industrial Insurance

When you need an expert for high risk exposures or even low risk no matter what it is, Infinity Insurance underwriting team understands well how to meet your needs by bringing a product or program designed to your exact needs, Infinity Insurance is a risk management group that has a vision and knows how to set your business in the right path with spacial packages and different options to see you succeed and you should be able focus on your business while we do ours.

E-commerce Insurance

INFINITY INSURANCE Is a very advanced company with ability and sources to provide better in terms of quality service and price when we see something we act on it we understand the latest E-commerce line and we know how to protract you and your products, together property with your inventory, we will create for you the full package.

Beauty Salon & Spa

Infinity Insurance will write you a custom policy that will fit your exact needs for your type of risk.


We have a special design products for barber shop owner it's very unique and it will bring you the best program for your money's worth

Workers Comp. Pay as you go

At Infinity Insurance, we know how to come in and set up a business from A to Z we are not just like any other company that will only write part of your business and leave you with the hard work we have a very highly trained and separate department with the highest level of software that are processing payroll data and know very well how to do the upload for the carriers so we take off your headache it's financially better and audit free, A lot of companies had tried offering this service we actually know how to do it well just like all of our products.

Special Facilities

Schools and Non-Profit Organizations

We offer a specialized insurance program that can include special risks such as Faculty professional liability, Student accident coverage and more.

Medical Establishments

This is the ideal option for medical establishments such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, doctor's offices, medical staffing or dental offices. In addition to the standard coverages these policies also include Professional Liability, Director's & Officer's Liability and Employment Practices Liability.

Air Ports / Aviation

We have the access to the biggest carriers to bring your exact needs for a facility like this

Funeral homes

We will provide you with the proper coverage for your exact risk.

Gyms & Fitness Centers

We know to apply the proper coverage and the liability that applies for this exact exposure.

Special Facilities

Liability, Flood, and Umbrella

We bring you the best markets to add liability or flood insurance to any policy. We also offer a fantastic umbrella policy option so you can save money by insuring all of your assets in one policy with a great premium.

Contractors and builders risk

This coverage protects property during construction or renovation. It includes professional liability and other applicable coverages.

Celebrity & Entertainment

This insurance option is specifically available to actors, musicians, singers, live performers and more. This policy includes applicable coverages such as Actors equity coverage, Theatrical property coverage, Stage back coverage and more. We will also find a policy that is best suited to any one-time event.

Claims Management